Das kann ich für Sie und Ihr Team tun

Ich unterstütze Sie bei der Vorbereitung und Durchführung komplexer Entwicklungsprozesse für innovative digitale Produkte und Services.

Digitale Strategien

I work in a highly focused manner with clients and stakeholders to get a clear and detailed understanding of what the challenges are.

  • Drive strategies and visions that enable the development of innovative digital products and solutions that exceed customer expectations and achieve meaningful business goals
  • Plan and lead workshops with clients and stakeholders to elicit constructive feedback, but also to articulate and defend decisions with grace and logic
  • Define and manage team deliverables, timelines, estimates, budgets and client needs to ensure projects fulfill time, scope, and budget parameters
  • Break down strategies into its component parts e.g. by writing user stories or leading prioritization and refinement sessions

Digitale Konzepte

I have experience in all stages from the ideation phase through to flow design, wireframing, high fidelity mockups, and interactive prototypes.

  • Strive for bringing consistency on experience, usability, interactions and design patterns across products, services, and devices
  • Structure content and features in a meaningful way
  • Break down complex user journeys in simple wireframes to discuss them with all stakeholders
  • Create interactive prototypes that illustrate the UX to a fidelity that can be validated with users
  • Leverage design research, user testing, web analytics insights and other behavioral data to drive design decisions

Digitale Designs

Als User Experience Designer bin ich in der Lage, alle relevanten Artefakte für den User Centered Design Prozess zu liefern. Angefangen vom initialen Entwurf bis hin zum fertigen Produkt.

  • Kreative Ideenfindung für Apps, Mobile, Tablet & Desktop
  • Gestaltung und Spezifikation von State-of-the-art User Interfaces in enger Kooperation mit Ihnen und sämtlichen beteiligten Stakeholdern
  • Entwicklung, Anwendung und Pflege von skalierbaren Designsystemen für große Unternehmen und Projekte
  • Entwicklung von sinnstiftenden Animationen und Micro Interactions