How can I help you?

I feel comfortable playing a leading role in conceptual and visual design projects.

Digital Design

As a designer, I am able to deliver on all aspects of the user-centered design process, from embryonic phase to a market-ready product.

  • Generate creative design ideas for apps, mobile, desktop & tablet while building upon existing best practices in design and technology
  • Design and specify state-of-the-art user interfaces in cooperation with clients and stakeholders
  • Create, maintain and apply design systems in large scale projects and companies
  • Create meaningfull animations and micro interactions
  • Develop production-ready assets and a look consistent with the tone of voice

Digital Concepts

I have experience in all stages from the ideation phase through to flow design, wireframing, high fidelity mockups, and interactive prototypes.

  • Create interactive prototypes that illustrate the UX to a fidelity that can be validated with users
  • Leverage design research, user testing, web analytics insights and other behavioral data to drive design decisions
  • Strive for bringing consistency on experience, usability, interactions and design patterns across products, services, and devices
  • Structure content and features in a meaningful way